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Kinde is reinventing the way software companies get started. We build beautifully simple dev-acceleration infrastructure software for SaaS teams.

Tools to help you build, launch, and get to market faster and with more confidence.

Kinde is the single platform to build and manage your SaaS product. Kinde takes care of the infrastructure every SaaS business needs to build or buy to support their product.

We designed Kinde to help you quickly start, run and grow your business with:

  • Authentication - Say hello to a breakthrough in authentication and login. For your app or website. With no passwords. And plenty of SSO options.
  • User Management - It’s about people. Keep track of your customers and know who is signing up, how long they’ve been a customer and how often they sign in.
  • Feature Flags - Easily control which users get access to what features - and have this seamlessly flow into their billing.
  • Billing - Setup, change and evolve your subscription plans - we’ll make sure these are updated in an instant with your payment provider.
  • Experimentation - Keep testing. Run A/B split test within your product from your Kinde Dashboard.

Libraries that make integrating with your product a snap. And management tools to run your business in one place.

Free for founders, meaning our Authentication and User Management tools are free for your first 5,000 monthly active users.

Get $5,000 USD in Kinde Credit*

Sign up to Kinde via Founders’ Book and get