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Go-To-Market Plan + Idea-Early Stage Pitch deck Template

We understand pitch decks can be pretty daunting if you are a first-time founder. We have simplified it to make it a lot more digestible for an idea - early-stage startups.

Go-To-Market Plan

When you are applying for an accelerator, incubator or importantly Angel/VC funding, it is highly likely they ask for GTM strategies, CAC and potential marketing channels.

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Pitch Deck Template

We all know this. As founders, our lives revolve around this.

What is a pitch deck? 

Slides that let you quickly and clearly communicate the idea and potential of your startup.

What's included in a pitch deck? 

The 10 most common slides are:

  1. Introduction: Communicate extremely clearly and concisely what your business is offering.
  2. Problem: Convince people you are solving a real, acute pain.
  3. Solution: Clearly present your business offering and your unique value proposition.
  4. Market: Convince your audience that the project has an extremely high upside.
  5. Product: Demonstrate your product (if you have built it).
  6. Validation and/or Traction: Give evidence of problem-solution or product-market fit.
  7. Team: Leave your audience with the impression that you are the right people for the startup's idea.
  8. Competition: Present other players in your market and clarify your competitive advantages.
  9. Financial projections: Present a favourable financial trajectory of your business.
  10. The ask: What are you willing to achieve with the presentation?

This is a simple pitch deck template “that works!”

  • Slide 1: What do we do in less than 5 words, relating it with another successful company in order to make the potential investors understand it fast. For example: “We are the Airbnb for luxurious homes".
  • Slide 2: Problem: explain the problem or the needs of the market. You have to expose it briefly. If you have experienced the problem yourself, the better, it will be more credible and attractive.
  • Slide 3: Solution: how we plan to overcome the problem. You must explain the solution concisely. The solution that gives your product or service to the market and its advantages.
  • Slide 4: Market: you must explain why your product fits in the market, who your customers are, how they behave, their needs and interests, etc. Use TAM, SAM, and SOM concepts to make it understandable for the investors, as it will show them which size of the cake you aim for.
  • Slide 5: Competition: talk about your competitors, who they are, what are your strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities and threats of the market, and your strategy to position yourself. Show that it is a great business opportunity.
  • Slide 6: Business Model: show how you can earn money with your idea. Is it a SaaS revenue system? Commissions? Fixed prices?
  • Slide 7: Customer acquisition: talk about the products or services that you are going to offer and the actions necessary to achieve the strategic goals and objectives.
  • Slide 8: Traction and achievements: show the engagement you got Year To Date (Users, recurrent users, followers, revenue…), it demonstrates that you understand how to get users and customers and that our idea is validated. It shows that you can replicate it afterwards as well.
  • Slide 9: (The Amazing) Team: you must be able to explain: Why you? Why now? A complete team must be: multidisciplinary, and complementary and must be covering all aspects of the business, especially: development, sales and marketing.
  • Slide 10: Roadmap: where do you see your company 3-4 years from now
  • Slide 11: Investment needed: how much money do you need to develop the next steps of your business to get the established goals in the roadmap, and how the money will be used. (for example 40% in software development, 30% in marketing and 30% in General & Administrative costs…)
  • Slide 12: Long-Term Vision: This is the vision that will be pushing and guiding us in our daily business. This can be put at the beginning or at the end of the presentation. I prefer to do it at the end, generating an impact that can be remembered better.
  • Slide 13: Thanks and contact details.


  • Do not hesitate to hire a graphic designer for your presentation. It will make a difference.
  • Your presence and your words make the presentation.
  • In the presentation include as less words as possible, it is only a support for your pitch.
  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse…
  • Internalise the presentation, and memorise it. So you only have to control your gestures and your presence.

We have built this simple idea-stage 10-slide pitch deck that covers most of the information your audience/potential requires.

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