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Customer Onboarding + Product Analytics

Educate, learn about and understand your users and customers.


Customer Onboarding

The nurturing process that gets new users and customers acquainted and comfortable with your product.

Step-by-Step Guide for Onboarding & Analytics

Take the stress out of SaaS Product Growth, 30-90 day ramp-up plan to increase activations, and hire the team so you can focus 100% on marketing and handling new customer sales.

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Customer Activation tools and Frameworks

Engaging new or returning customers to give them the full value of your product or service. Without the right techniques, getting your customers to adopt your product solution can seem like a complicated task. But when you know which steps to follow, it’s much easier to motivate customers to use your product or return to your site.

  1. Jobs to be done (JTD) Framework
  2. Activation Audit Framework
  3. Activation Design Framework
  4. Assisted Adoption Framework

100+ ways to gain new customers

Discover 100+ new strategies, channels, streams and distribution pipelines to build a continuous stream of new users/customers.

Actionable Onboarding Stats

We scoured the internet and found the best actionable stats on onboarding in one document

  • 10 Segments
  • 81 Onboarding stats

SaaS Retention Techniques

The best and most impactful retention techniques to retain customers and increase engagement

Email templates to onboard new customers and increase product adoption

Outbound emails are still the most effective way to communicate with your users about your SaaS.

100-Day Communication Plan

How to use Email Marketing to fast-track product adoption and retention

Your goal is to get the customer to the aha moment as fast as possible!

The “aha moment’ is when the customer discovers the product’s usefulness, the value sinks in, and it solves the problem the customer was looking to solve. You'll be able to fast-track this moment with your welcome email. Plus, welcome emails typically average a 50-75% open rate, so getting their eyeballs on this strategy is critical.


Sample email strategy

  1. Create a list of the top 5 pain points or results associated with your product
  2. Create a resources page where you recommend every piece of content that helps the consumer solve that pain point (should be five different resources pages)
  3. In your welcome email, ask the customer, “What they’re looking to reach with your product?”
  4. You list out the five pain points or results associated with your product
  5. They answer your question by clicking the link related to what they’re looking for
  6. You redirect them to the resources page
  7. Them clicking the link triggers automation for a mini email course where you walk the customer to the “aha moment”

A few keys to remember

  1. Make the question obvious in your welcome email
  2. Communicate that they're entering an email flow by clicking the link
  3. Your job isn’t only to be the salesman. It’s also to be the guide or reference for your new and existing users

Source: Marketing Examined by Alex Gracia

Product Analytics

How digital-first companies figure out customer needs and measure the impact of their products.

Analytics methods

  • Event tracking Framework
  • Activation Metrics
  • Churn vs Retention

Get the frameworks;

Best tools to measure and analyse product analytics

Places to promote your SaaS

Building a SaaS is not as difficult as marketing and gaining a continued stream of new users. Listing your product in a multitude of places could help your SaaS with gaining visibility and high DA backlinks to your site.

What's Inside?

  • 200+ Startup Directories
  • 280+ Reddit Communities
  • 100+ SaaS and Product Communities

Other resources on Product Analytics and PLG:

  • Product-led Growth by Wes Bush
  • Mastering Product-led Growth by Nick Bonfiglio & Mickey Alon
  • Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis & Morgan Brown
  • Onboarding Matters by Donna Weber
  • Fighting Churn With Data by Carl Gold
  • Monetization Innovation by Madhavan Ramanujam & Georg Tacke
  • Trustworthy Online Control Experiments by Ron Kohavi, Diane Tang & Ya Xu
  • Designing for behaviour Change by Stephen Wendel
  • Product Led Organization by Todd Olson
  • The Customer Success Economy by Nick Mehta & Allison Pickens
  • Blueprints for SaaS Sales Orgnizations by Jacco vanderKooij & Fernando Pizarro
  • T2D3: How Some Software Startups Scale, Where Many Fail by Stijn Hendrikse & Mike Northfield
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