Launch Path: Product Launch Checklist

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Product launch checklist


📋 Digital product launch checklist

Set launch date

Doublecheck for holidays (no-go) and avoid posting Monday/Friday, preferably Sunday or Thursday for the best results

Create product video

YouTube video with a voiceover describing

Create product description

Include at least x3 testimonials, FAQ and more

Send out a newsletter

With launch date

Add product to Indiehackers or any relevant startup/founder communities

Get feedback

Announce “launch date” on the social media

Instagram + Twitter + Facebook + LinkedIn + Other SM channels you are receiving traction from

Prepare Copy+Pastes

Prepare copy + paste for communities online to post in.

Prepare Launch Posts

Prepare Instagram + Twitter posts for the launch date

Product hunt upload

Preview at https://previewhunt.com/ and get everything ready.

Prepare and post BTS post

Prepare a behind the scenes post about the launch.

Repost original launch posts

To remind that its in 3 days

Send a newsletter on the launch
Ask help from top users & advocates

Reach out to the top voices on Twitter/Linkedin/email to ask for feedback, support or promote (hunt your Product Hunt launch)

Post on Facebook groups

Pre-identify all the relevant Facebooks groups to launch your product.

Post on socials

Ask for feedback on the launch and the product

Answer all Product Hunt comments

The Product Hunt algorithm rewards product with a high number of comments (from users with high karma mostly)

Contact Product Hunt team

If you're not featured after an hour (and have decent upvotes)

Thank the community

Post results

Add PH Badge to the product description

📈 Product launch path

1. Product

Product Proposition

Is it clear who the product is for? Specify on the landing page and inside the product
Is it clear what does your product promise? Describe the state before and after using this product
If you have other info-products, are they both related or two stand-alone products?
Is it clear from the product landing page why you are the one who is selling it? (credentials, social proof, your previous work or expertise)
Are the key messages used on the landing page?

Customer Experience

Can customers find your product on the platform you’re using to sell it (for example, Gumroad)?
Can a customer purchase the product?
Can a customer get access the product after the purchase?
Can a customer request a refund? If yes, specify your refund policy
If it is a pre-sell, does a customer receive an email explaining when and how the product would be released?
Also, do customers are signed up for any newsletter to update or gain feedback?
Do customers understand how do they get support with the product if necessary? (user guide, product tours etc.)


Does your product require terms and services?
Does your product require any agreements? (partnership agreement for instance)

2. Promotion

Marketing comms

Have you discussed with influencers in terms of their support?
Do they know when you’re going to launch?
Did influencers get access to your product to see what’s inside?
Have specified the sequence of the platforms you’re planning to launch (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, IndieHackers, HackerNews, Product Hunt)?
Are these platforms relevant to finding your potential customers?
Do you have enough personal audience on these platforms to send a strong message?
Do you have a list of influencers to reach out to who can amplify your message and support your launch?
Do you have content ready to be published on these platforms before/on/after your launch day?
If you have an affiliate program, do you have affiliate links in place?

Marketing Funnel

Do you have established workflows that will send customers who purchased the product to the specific mailing list? For instance, an email sequence that will automatically send out emails in 14 days after the purchase asking for a product review?
Do you have planned activities for customers who purchased your product to keep them inside your funnel?

Internal Communication

If you have a team who supports the product — are all members of the team on the same page about the launch date, strategy, channels, messaging and positioning so that they stick to the same line in their social media profiles?
Do you have areas of responsibility assigned? Do all team members aware of what are they supposed to do and when?

3. Pricing

Have you done enough research checking price of competitive products?
Are there discounts for the first customers? If yes, are these codes activated?
Are our team members aware of the discounts and have access to the codes to check their validity?

4. Metrics

Are there metrics in place to measure the performance (traffic, sales, signups, engagement)
Have you established a lower limit of performance that will tell you that it’s time to pivot with the messaging and positioning?
Have you established deadline decision-making (for instance, “if I have no sales after 2 weeks of promotion I’ll shut the product down”)?
Have you outlined the shutdown strategy and possible pivot strategies?

Launch strategies


  1. Set up a product page
  2. Soft launch on Twitter/ Reddit by tagging and asking influencers to support the launch
  3. Ask everyone who wants to buy the product to leave a review in exchange for a coupon code
  4. Post on Indie Hackers telling the story behind the scene.
  5. After IH traffic slows down, launch on Product Hunt


  1. Set up a product page at a low price. Promise to increase soon
  2. Arrange a giveaway on social media where you have the largest audience: “Share or reply in the next 12 hours and I’ll send it to your DMs for free”
  3. Ask people who get it for free to leave a review.
  4. Monitor tweets on Twitter, posts on Facebook and Reddit containing words related to your product and reply (offer a free version to the person you’re replying to).
  5. Search Product Hunt for “resources”, find all the “curated resources” products and ask to list yours
  6. Bundle up with other people who have related-but-different Notion resources.
  7. Recycle resources into multiple articles on Medium, Indie Hackers, threads on Twitter, posts on Facebook (wherever you’re active).
  8. After all that: Product Hunt launch

PS: This is also a reflection on my learnings and what I could have done better!