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♥️ Credits

Credits & Acknowledgments
  • Startup Lean Canvas template is based on Ash Maurya template adapted from the Business Model Canvas by Alex Osterwalder, licensed under CC BY SA 3.0.
  • Value proposition canvas is originally designed by Strategyzer.
  • The Uber example data in these templates came from Railsware. They also make super valuable videos on YouTube about filling BMC LC, Value Proposition, and much more, so I recommend you check them out.
  • The Airbnb example for the pitch deck creators is based on Slidebean's redesigned pitch deck. I highly recommend checking out their YouTube channel for great content.
  • Investors CRM is based on Funding OS made by Oliver Parker. P.S I highly recommend checking out his Funding OS Pro (incl. 25,000 Investor Contacts).
  • The icon library used in making these templates is Tabler Icons, beautifully made by Paweł Kuna. (MIT license)
  • Special thanks to my dearest friend Mosaad for not only recommending Notion to me back in 2019 but also for convincing me to start using it!
  • Special Thanks to Eric Ries & Seth Godin. Without their generous work, this OS would've stayed private forever! Seth's book The Practice was one of the primary sources of motivation to ship this work.

🤝 Startup OS is brought to you by Founders’ Book in partnership with Notion Startup.